Where to Look For International Flags For All Occasions

A flag symbolises the country it represents. All over the world, countries have flags that represent their values and culture. Each colour, each symbol, each line in a flag represent the citizens and the ideals of the country. That is why, you must learn not just about your country's flag, but other International flags as well. Click here to learn more about country code.

History and Geography are two key subject areas in school. However, many students find them boring, especially if their teachers fail to make the lessons interesting. Thankfully, there are now school events that feature different countries and their flags. In some parts of the world, schools celebrate the United Nations Week to keep students well informed about the United Nations and the countries who are members of this prestigious organisation.

So why is it important to learn about international flags? Why do you have to study them? How can you benefit from knowing these flags representing other countries?

Here's why:

For identification
One way for one to identify a country is through its flag. Just by looking at this National symbol, you can easily tell which country you are in. Remember that each country is unique and each has its own specially designed flag.

For cultural reasons

Did you know that most countries design their flags after their own culture, beliefs, and characteristics? Looking at these flags, you will find some with stars, moon, crosses, and many other shapes. Moreover, the flags are composed of different colours. Red, white, yellow, and blue are very dominant colours found in flags.

Mind you, each colour also tells something about the citizens of the country the flag represents. For instance, red symbolizes courage while white is a sign of peace and purity.

There are times when students are asked by their teachers to look for different flags. They have to draw them themselves or even make a replica using coloured paper. In some cases, teachers would even ask them to memorise these flags and later identify them. In order to get good grades, you have to know where to look for these flags.

Top three places to look for information on Flags of the World.


History and Geography textbooks used by students in school contain pictures of flags of different countries. There are even coloured illustrations of these flags in some pages for students to clearly tell the colours and designs of the flags. If you want, you can even ask teachers to lend you copies of the books they use in class.


Considered as one of the best sources of information, encyclopaedias definitely contain pictures of flags. Not only that, you can also look for information that answers questions, like when the flag was built or who designed it. Today, you don't need to go to libraries just to search in encyclopaedias for information on flags, since many of them are now available in CDs. You can download them from the web or install the software into your personal computer. Visit here to learn more about countries flags.

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