The Five Pillars of Kindness - Frank Kern's Secret to Success

Have you ever heard of Frank Kern? He is probably the top getting internet marketer on the planet as well as one of the hottest, smoothest guys you'll ever encounter. Upon waking up this morning, I actually checked my email box to find an email from Frank Kern himself with an awesome video clip he merged that knocked my socks away from. Follow the link for more information about Tony Robbins recommends Frank Kern.

When Frank talks about marketing and advertising, I shut up, prevent whatever I am doing and listen. After all come on, the guy has made as much as $27 million in a year online and just a year ago he pulled in about $9 million in revenue on 1 product. Yep, just one!

Do you think you and I could learn something from the guy? I am going to give you what Frank Kern shared with me so sit back, relax and take it all in.

Pillar #1 : Know your checklist or audiences desired outcome

Plenty of Internet Marketers have massive lists but make no money from that checklist. A true marketer will know it's niche market and what they desire. To be successful in this particular video game, you should know exactly what people desire and help them get it.

Pillar #2 : Overcome Their particular Skepticism With Impact and Awe Amazing advantages

Ok, you are probably saying, "Josh, what the hell have you been talking about"? Properly, here it goes. When someone joins your list and opts in, they actually so because they want to get one step closer to their desired outcome. It might be your job to put your best foot forwards and give them your best stuff at no cost. Don't hold back. It might be all about developing trust with people and if you can deliver the goods, you are going to have got that confidence. Give them your "secret weapon" which you have used to produce the greatest results for yourself.

Pillar #3 : Demonstrate That They Can Achieve Their Desired Outcome

You want your checklist to know that they can do it. Doubt ruins ambition and when people are skeptical, they won't take one more step further together with you. You want to show them that other people are receiving the success that they desire. Show them testimonials and proof of what has happened for people inside your program that have followed the machine and have succeeded. Social proof is everything and the proof is in the pudding, per say.

Pillar #4 : Give People The Tools UPFRONT that they need to get going

Offer people 5 FREE bonuses that will get them started in getting closer to their desired outcome. Depending on what your selling or trying to sell, this will be different in every instance. Give them something that they can walk away with and become successful even when they don't partner with you or buy anything from you. Once again, this goes a considerable ways in earning peoples confidence and giving them pure value. You want to be a value adder to peoples lives.

Pillar #5 : Motivate People To Go More

You want to make an offer to your list with their best interest in brain, not yours. If you follow the above simple steps and have created trust along with your checklist, they are motivated to go further because they observe that you happen to be someone of value and you have positioned yourself as an authority. When they see you have their best interest in brain, you will be able to perform business with people for years in the future, repeatedly.

In Closing

Just to recap the 5 pillars, you want to know peoples desired final results, help them overcome skepticism with coolness that blows them apart, demonstrate that they can have success by using testimonies, give people the tools they need to get going and finally motivate people to take the next simple steps by keeping their particular interests in mind. For more info go to Frank kern.

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