Open fire Engine Party Menu with Some Classic Food Treats!

When your little one starts inquiring all about the Fire Department and Fire Engines maybe its time to throw her or him, a Fire Engine party for their next birthday. It is a quite simple party to come up with, all you have to for it is lots of red color. The Fire Engine is an American Image, a classic image, so your menu ought to be of similar stature. Click here to find out more about Healthy Lunches to Lose Weight.

The Fire Engine party menu involves classic tastes to get a classic American party concept. Begin by having an appetizer choice of Pigs within a Blanket, that tasty treat from the child years of hot doggy pieces wrapped in bread dough and baked. They make for great dipping. The main meal at your party can be host to some traditional bookmarks like; Open fire Engine Red Potatoes, Steak or Meatloaf with Red Sauce, Natural Beans and Bacon, and a Patriotic Jell-o Ring!

Open fire Engine Red Potatoes are your fundamental small red potatoes some tasty butter sauce but they have a great name for the party theme. Cut a some approximately red potatoes into quarters and place within a pot with some water to boil. When the potatoes are nearly cooked but nonetheless firm, remove potatoes and set aside. Drain all but about a half mug of water through the pot. Add to this; half a stick of butter, small amount of bacon grease (which you should have left over from making your green beans and bacon) and two tablespoons of flour. Stir and simmer blend until its soft and has thickened. Add spices to taste like; parsley, salt, pepper, paprika and chili powder. Put potatoes back in the pot and simmer until potatoes are thoroughly seasoned and serve up in the Fire Engine party.

In fact food's been served you'll give thanks yourself for recalling to pick up plenty of paper products for the Open fire Engine party. Also a trip to the local fire house might add some extra sizing to your party.

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