Online Advertising Traffic and the First Legislation of Web Surfing

How do you convert online advertising traffic into customers? The important thing is a phenomenon of human behavior that only is needed on the web.

You won't learn about this trend in books or articles on general principles of advertising or direct advertising. In fact , traditional advertising professionals and direct marketers frequently create only so-so online advertising campaigns simply because they've never heard of this phenomenon, although it's basically the first legislation of human web surfing behavior. Click here to find out more about google adwords.

How you can convert your online advertising traffic into customers

Ready to find out what that all-important first legislation of web surfing is? Prepare to be not very amazed. The thing is, everyone who surfs the web already knows about this trend of human behavior because we all do it--even you.

So here it is, the first law of human web surfing behavior, which you absolutely must take into consideration when marketing your website: While surfing the web, just about everyone will hit the "back" switch if they think there's a chance--even a small chance-- they've come to the wrong website.

The corollary to this law of web surfing behavior: Anyone who clicks through to your site via an online advertising link needs to know they've reached the proper place as soon as these people make it happen.
Immediately. Inside a second. From a click look. Without having to read anything. The average human attention span on the web has been measured at eight seconds, and you'll have already lost a few seconds while the page downloaded.

The Key(word) to Switching Advertisement-Clickers into Customers

How do you make absolutely sure guests feel like they've arrived in the proper place?
Make the title and first heading of your landing page (the page on which a visitor "lands" after clicking on an advertisement) exactly like the headline of the advertisement that brought your website visitor there. If the landing page links to a banner (image) advertisement, make use of the same photos and color structure as the advertisement. For more info check out Online advertising.

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