Setting Up Your Summer Training Program: Lacrosse

Around the country athletes are now taking part in their Lacrosse seasons. In some cases, they have looked ahead and planned out their summer tournament schedule and figured out how many games they will be able to play before the winter months. Yet perhaps the most important aspect of off-season training is neglected or in most cases poorly organized and improperly executed. Here is a check list of things that a Lacrosse player or team should focus on beginning at the end of a spring season. Click here for more details GLAX Gainesville fl.

Speed of Movement Training

· Lacrosse is a sport unlike many others in terms of overall movement. Change of direction is high, as is top speed and of course acceleration. Moving laterally is similar to basketball, the distance covered is similar to football and the physicality looks like different hockey and football. Yet how often has your coach or team worked on the different dimensions of training? If you aren't focusing on improving your physical assets on the field you and your team will eventually be outmatched by a team that does.

Energy Systems

· Don't think about how well you are in shape as just aerobic training. Your body is a series of different energy systems that all take part in providing you with the energy and power needed to generate movement. If you wish to be explosive you will tap into your creatine-phosphate system, if you need to sprint the length of the field we tap into you anaerobic energy system, and if you are continually running we further tap our aerobic system. Have you taken the time to organize all of this training to maximize your performance on the field? Have you fit the proper energy system training to how often it is used in a game? If all your team does is distance runs or 300 yards shuttles, you aren't training optimally and you aren't improving your game to the greatest extent.

Maximal Strength

· All of the other physical qualities that you can develop are all a perfect liquid that fills your physical "cup". The quality that increases how much fluid you can put in the cup is maximal strength. Now, I am not strictly talking single maximal effort reps, but rather working with weights of at least 85% of your 1 rep max. If you aren't training these strength qualities you are stunting the development of your power, explosiveness, change of direction and even endurance. Maximal strength is the floor for which every other physical trait builds upon. Without it, you're not making as much progress as you think.


Playing and practicing your sports is important, but if you aren't taking the time to build your body up to better participate in these sports you are missing out on possibly the biggest game changes available to any athlete. Take the time to find a program or coach who can guide you through this process, and watch what you want get taken to another level. For more info visit GLAX Gainesville fl.

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