Getting to grips with Your New 3D Printer

If you have lately bought yourself a new inkjet printer, follow the directions in the guide for setting up cables. Place the installation CD into the COMPACT DISC drive and follow the setup instructions. Click here to learn more about 3d filament.

If you are using Windows 95/98, choose Start Menu, then choose Printers. Now select Include Printer, select Local Inkjet printer. Choose your printer (If your printer is not outlined, choose the one closest to your own and select OK).

For the Mac pc, select go to server, (or chooser) and then select inkjet printer. Then choose your inkjet printer. (If your printer is not really listed, then select the nearest one. )#) Then choose install.
If you are using Windows XP, then your PC will prompt a person for the drivers and set up the relevant one from the COMPACT DISC itself (if the appropriate car owner is not in the database already).

If you have any problems publishing, first check your cable connections. In case you get repeated error communications, then reboot your computer as well as redo the steps above.
If you want to upgrade the car owner of your currently installed imprinted, then follow the steps provided in the next sub-topic.

Installing Inkjet printer Drivers

A printer driver is really a piece of software that allows the computer in order to communicate with the printer. Without having this software, the inkjet printer would be hopelessly lost because it does not speak the same dialect! Printer manufacturers often up-date the drivers and these they may be easily downloaded form the actual company’s website for free. This is a good idea to keep a check on the printer driver version as well as upgrade if it is too far old.
Here is how you can check your print out driver version number:
Or windows 7

1. Click the Windows Begin button, choose Control Panel, after which choose ‘Printers and Téléfax. ’

2. Right-click your own default printer and select Properties. (Your default inkjet printer will have a checkmark inside a black circle above the inkjet printer icon. )#)

3. Click on the General tab, click the ‘Print Test Page’ button, after which click OK to print out the test page.
Windows 95/98

1. Click the Windows Begin button, choose Settings, after which Printers. For more info visit 3d printer filament.

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