Accomplish The Look Of A Body Ring With no Piercing

Why do folks wear body chain? It may be the desire to do the unexpected that type of jewelry is still not really common. But if you simply want to emphasize your mid-section, there are other methods to do that. Click here to learn more about body chain to wear with bikini.

Do you have a pierced navel? Are you considering getting it done? What is their motivation? Do you want to rebel or just mark a milestone in your lifetime such as coming of age? This varies by state, however usually you need to be 16 or even older to have your navel pierced. In addition to the possible pain of the procedure, you will have substantial aftercare. The area will need to become thoroughly cleaned every day having a special solution usually supplied by the piercing studio. You will have to wash your hands before coming in contact with the area. And you will need to keep the jewelry that you received in the procedure in place until your own piercing is completely healed. This could take four or more a few months.

If all that sounds like a lot of work and effort, consider a few other ways to draw attention to your own mid-section. There is jewelry readily available for your belly button much like clip earrings for pierced ears. You pull out the fold of skin round the immediate area and connect the jewelry. You will have to keep a closer eye on this type of jewellery as it will be more likely to slip off than the real thing however it is a great way to test drive body chain.

Another great option is a stomach chain, rope or waistline necklace. This wraps totally around your waist and appears great with a bikini or even low cut pants. Many are simple chains of silver precious metal or gold. Others are made from precious stones or consist of some sort of jewel hanging straight down. If your navel is already pierced, you can find chains that include a good attached body chain. For an much more eye-catching look, you can also find entire body chains that start in the neckline and wrap round the waist. For more info visit body chain jewelry.

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