So How Do You Blog To Make Money?

OK so what are backlinks I here you shout? They are incoming links to your site. These links come from search engines, such as Google etc, or other sites directly. It's really easy, nothing too complicated about it. It takes a little work though, let me show you how. Click here to learn more about fanbox profile.

Use Google search engine optimization. OK so we know Google are the number one search engine with about 75% of all online searches, so this is where we need to be. Tons of traffic and lots of backlinks can be built up on Google. Using the proper seo words, can help you make quite a bit of money. Use your keywords in the title as far left as you can. The ratio of keywords in your blog or article should be about 2%. To find relevant keywords use Google's FREE keyword research tool. Type in keyword research tool external and search. You want to find a phrase with a minimum of 3000 searches a day.

Use search engine submission. Use submit express, its completely free. This will mean your article will now reach even the smaller search engines and its easy to do, so don't ignore it.

Using the comments section. Whether you have a blog, write for ehow, or any site in general. Just having friends leave comments on a blog, or article helps build backlinks. Every comment left is a backlink to your site. It's even better, when someone uses some keywords of the title in their comments. The more comments, the more backlinks it builds. The more helpful it is on search engines and getting ranked. It'simportant to use your most important keywords in your title, to help get the best backlinks to your site.

Use social bookmarks. Give shetoldme a try, you will definitely notice an increase in traffic to articles you send there. Also use to add lots of links to many social bookmark sites. Its free to send blogs to about 50 of them! Use social bookmark sites because blogs don't generate the traffic a site like ehow does for example. For more info visit fanbox phone number.

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