Try Blogging and Making Money Online - The Risk is Very Small

Running a popular blog that actually produces a profit is the dream of many young, tech-savvy entrepreneurs. Sadly, most of the systems and solutions you may be familiar with require a significant upfront investment. There are, however, a few methods to start a free blog from which you can profit. For more info visit what is fanbox all about?.

They key to all of this is setting up and maintaining an active blog on Google's Blogger platform. In this article, we'll detail exactly what makes the entire system so perfectly suited to running a site that generates revenue without a single investment.

Blogger is Free and Easy to Use

If you already have a Gmail account, or use any other Google services, you are also registered to use the Blogger platform. By visiting, you can have your new site setup within a matter of minutes. Everything is streamlined and easy to do, including:

Buying a unique, customized domain
Choosing a theme that gives your blog the look you desire
Promotion through Google Plus
Access to Google's AdSense network
Access to the AdWords keyword research tool
Each of these components will be critical to your success. In the following sections, you'll learn how they integrate into the entire strategy to running a free blog that generates revenue. They assume you already have your account registered, so if you don't, be sure to do that first.

Start with Keyword Research

By visiting Google's keyword research tool, you can identify search terms that are used frequently. Put a preference on terms that receive more than 2, 400 searches per month to increase the traffic that will come to your blog.

Each post you write should be optimized for a single search phrase. When people search for that term, there's a chance they'll land on your page.

Pick an Appropriate Domain Name and Theme

If you've decided to optimize your site around a specific topic and list of keywords, be sure to choose a domain name that's appropriate. This will lend credibility to your site and make it easy for visitors to return in the future.

Picking the appropriate theme is largely a matter of preference, but there are some that are better suited to certain types of content than others. Play around with the different themes and layout options until you find something you like.

Install Google AdSense

It should only take a minute for you to enable your Google AdSense account. Once you do, your blog will display ads along the sides of your content. When visitors land on your page, they have an opportunity to click on these ads. When they do that, you'll generate some revenue. The amounts can vary from a few cents to a few dollars per click, depending on how aggressively companies are targeting the categories related to the topic of your blog. Click here to learn more about what is fan box.

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