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When I started online marketing, I was just as lost as most every person whose a newbie to this industry. There are so many people out there just trying to make a buck off you. This makes it very hard for the beginner to have any idea of where to start because there are so many opportunities claiming to be the best! So, this entry is going to be completely dedicated to learning how to make money online for free, while starting to finally put some money in your pocket. Click here to learn more about what is fanbox account protection.

Now we both know your online at the best time you could be. The internet is a booming gateway to unlimited wealth. I mean really, Donald Trump even said if he lost his billions, didn't have a list, and didn't have a dollar to his name, he would go back to internet marketing. That says something. It couldn't be easier to make a ton of money online, than it is today.

Now to get started with the first way to make a lot of money online for free is, yep you guessed it, blogging! Your reading one right now, but you may not know every way a blog can be used. A blog, simply put, is a online journal or diary someone writes in. Search engines love blogs because they are new and fresh, and are updated every time a new blog post is made. The more you post in your blog, the more those spider bots from Google are going to check out your content. The spider bots look for good content, that answers questions that people have. So make sure your writing clearly and with purpose in all your blog posts.

A second way to make a ton of money online for free is through article submissions. There are a ton of article submission sites online. I just went to Google and typed in "article submission" and there were over 10 million sites readily available to submit to. This is a huge weapon to use in your arsenal of free traffic tactics. The three I use the most are EzineArticles.com, GoArticles.com, and Amazines.com. EzineArticles is probably the most popular to use, just because the most people have heard about it.

Writing articles are so good because A. there free, B. they get a lot of exposure, and C. again Google loves new and exciting material. Now, submitting an article can be a bit challenging at times, but very rewarding. Now what I mean by this is you can't just go on there and use it as your own personal advertising page, slapping a bunch of advertisements everywhere, and hope to get exposure. If this was the case every porn star in the world would be on there soliciting there crap to the world! This actually works to your advantage because only the best articles get published. When you submit an article there is an editor that reads your article and determines whether it is good material. It's to your best interest to just take your time and and write a good pitch.

Now you're probably wondering if you can't just advertise your affiliate company, or product in these articles, what is the good of them? I'm glad you asked this question. At the end of each article, they give you an option to writing a small bio about yourself. In this box your going to put a link to your site. This will give you a lot of exposure to your site from people who like what you wrote in your article and click to your capture page or sales page. Now, I don't want you to think you can just write one article and expect to make tons of money online for free. It doesn't work this way unfortunately.

I'll give you an example. Let's say you write an article and it gets 20 hits in one week. That's not too bad. Well obviously if you have 100 articles all circulating the web at the same time, your not only going to get a ton more hits, but your also going to be getting great exposure for your business, and also your going to be building a reputable name for yourself. Articles work very well for exposure and can make you a ton of money online for free. For more info visit what is fanbox money.

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