Why Do I Need an Emergency Food Supply?

Contrary to the perception of many people, almost everyone could benefit from an emergency food supply. By definition, this is a supply of non-perishable rations that you have previously stocked in anticipation of an unforeseen circumstance. Click here to learn more about long term food storage.

There are two common areas in which to have an emergency food supply. The first is at home, and would be where your largest supply would be housed. The second is your vehicle. In addition to food (power bars and trail mix) and water in your vehicle, you should have mylar blankets, a spare change of clothes, toilet paper, a camp shovel and a source of heat. Unless you never leave the city, you should have these items available at least in the winter.

So- what should you have for your home emergency food?

It depends whether you have a short term or long term ration in mind. Short term would be a supply for 2 weeks for every person and pet in the house. This would cover most urban situations; extended power outages caused by ice storms, hurricane, tornado or other inclement weather.

Long term rations would be an emergency food supply designed to last for an average two months or more.

For the short term, you can merely increase your non-perishable larder so you can eat without needing to leave the house for 2 weeks. Try to have a variety of canned foods- soup, meat, vegetables, and fruit. Make sure to rotate your stock by using the oldest food first and place the newest in the back.

For the longer term, your emergency food should include dried foods that have an extended shelf life- rice, beans, corn, jerky, dried fruit and vegetables, and pasta. You will also want to include packaged cake/muffin and soup mixes.

Powdered drink additives are advised, as well as flour, sugar, salt, dry milk, and at least the more common spices. Adding power bars and candy would also be a good idea. If you are in a situation that has you cut off from power and/or society for an extended period, you will really appreciate having a variety of things to eat. (Ask the astronauts or military people on extended deployment. )#)

Water can not be over emphasized. You are going to need enough to not only cover the drinking requirements for everyone, but also to prepare your meals. Water will most likely take up the largest area of your larder. Many people opt to keep a 2 week supply of water on hand; then have an additional supply of water purification tablets for the extended portion. For more info visit Emergency food.

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