Surprising Facts About Italian Cuisine

Most people have a common idea that Italian cuisine is a combination of spaghetti, lasagna and minestrone. However, if you visit Italy, you will realize that Italians are not just limited with those kinds of food. Rather, they are cooking a variety of dishes in very innovative ways that your grandmother would never have imagined. Click here to learn more about Italian Cuisine.

Italy has nineteen regions and each region has its own district cuisine. Moreover, their cuisine changes in every season. Giving utmost importance to fresh ingredients, Italian kitchen serves summer cuisine and winter cuisine differently.

Southern Italian Cooking

The cuisine of South Italy is different since the people there consume more fish in their diet. In general, their dishes are lighter and healthier. One factor that makes their diet healthy is the use of virgin oil in most of their dishes. For this reason, medical studies consistently show that they are one of the healthiest people in the world.

Cuisine from Northern Italy

Americans are familiar with Northern Italian cuisine, wherein the dishes are loaded with cheese and rich white sauces. Nevertheless, even if Americans are somewhat familiar with the Northern Italian dishes, they will still be surprised at the number of differences and uniqueness of the cuisine in North Italy.

Italian cuisine is rich, complex and complicated. They are richer and have more ingredients compared to the usual spaghetti and meatballs. Italians put various spices in their dishes. However, they only use spices to enhance the natural flavor of their foods. This is contrary to what other people believe that Italians use too many spices in their dishes. People who are having this misconception are those who have not yet been to Italy.

Seasonal in Nature

The nature of Italian food depends on the season. Thus, they do not depend that much on the use of spices to flavor their meats. Their meats, pastas, and sauces have already fresh flavors of their own and Italians just add spices to enhance their dishes' natural tastes. Travelers just discovered that Northern Italians tend to use more spices in their food compared to Southern Italians.

Regional Characteristics

When checking out for Italian cuisine, one must realize that there is no single standard dish for Italians. Being that there are 19 regions in Italy, expect 19 variations of Italian cuisine. Each region has its own unique style of cooking its dishes. Moreover, each region features different local vegetables and animal ingredients.

Despite some variations, travelers going to many parts of Italy will find something familiar with all the dishes in the area. Italian cuisine is usually easy to cook and has variety of vegetable options. This common style of their dishes makes Italian cuisine a favorite choice of many people around the world. For more info visit Italian wine.

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