Who Is the reason for Your Dog Bite Injury?

Of course, if you or a loved one, particularly a child, has been attacked by a dog, you blame the dog. He is the one who attacked, causing injuries, right? But the truth of the matter is, it's not the dog who is the culprit. It's the dog's owner. The legal responsibility lays with the owner in cases of a dog bite accident. This is one among the liabilities you take on when you may take on ownership of any pet. Along with caring for and feeding youngster, you have a responsibility to see that both the pet and the public are free from harm. Click here for more information about Pennsylvania Dog Attack Personal Injury Attorneys.

Hospitals and health care providers see several dog bite accident victims. The injuries suffered vary wildly from minor -- just barely breaking the skin, to very serious, involving broken bone fragments and skin grafting. In some cases, the injuries are fatal. Often times, the attack might have been avoided if the dog owner had been more responsible. The laws can be very strict when it comes to liability of dog owners for injuries caused by their dogs, and rightly so. Dog owners must cause their dogs. Afterall, what does 14 really know about right or wrong, they are usually reacting from thought. We forget sometimes that they are just animals, even if they are a beloved family member.

Since dogs are animals, no matter how well trained, they are capricious. Why do dogs bite or attack? Many dogs are temperamental, and inherently aggressive. If something triggers them, they can react by gnawing at or attacking. Every dog reacts differently and can behave in capricious ways. Some of the reasons dogs bite or attack are increasingly being fearful, which results in protection behavior; feeling the need to be protective of his territory, and being sick or in pain. In addition, dogs will be aggressive when protecting their food; "their" people, or offspring.

In many cases, dogs attack and bite, causing serious injuries because of the dog owner's failure to properly restrain and control the dog. A dog owner has the legal responsibility to make sure to avoid circumstances when a dog might feel inclined to bite or attack. If their pet has caused injury to someone, the pet owner is legally required to cause the financial costs associated with the injuries. Dog bite claims can occasionally be tricky. A settlement can cover costs that range from medical care to personal property which was destroyed, to being reimbursed for time missed from work. For more info visit Pennsylvania Dog Bite Injury Lawsuits.

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