How To Get Traffic To Your Website

One of the best ways to get traffic to your website is to use Article Writing. Articles written should be concise, relevant for your readers. By providing value and quality content, readers will come back to your site for more; this thereby driving traffic up. Top article directories such as 'EzineArticles' are a must for your article submission as the articles in there are often pick up by search engines. Often, a backlink (that is a link that direct reader back to your website) can be provided at the end of your article, thereby generating traffic back to your website. Click here to learn more about make money from home online.

(2) Classified Advertisements

It's a fact that millions of internet users browse classified advertisements (ads) daily. So, another good way to get traffic is to submit classified ads to top classified advertisements directories such as Craigslist. When writing classified advertisements make sure they are keyword rich. The classified advertisements headline should capture the readers' attention also. Remember to include the benefits of the product and add keywords so as to generate free search engine traffic. In addition, keep classified advertisement concise with a call to action for your reader.

(3) Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

No doubt SEO is a must to get traffic to your website. When you optimize web pages with keywords, you will get good rankings in popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo or MSN. Google's 'Keyword Tool' is one of the most helpful keyword tools to use when choosing keywords. More importantly, use a 'long tail keyword' which is a keyword that is longer or more specific than your standard keyword phrase as this generate more traffic to your website. Common method of SEO is to have keywords distributed in the metatags, title, contents and alt tags of the graphics pages of webpages. For more info visit make money from home online.

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