Learn How to Speak Korean - Language Tips and Suggestions

In some respects Korean might seem like a daunting language. For English speakers, or people of those languages which use the Roman alphabet, the whole issue of the Korean alphabet, and the scripts, creates the perception of a challenging language. Click here to learn more about learn to speak korean.

Rest assured - this is simply not the case. Korean writing in Hangul script has been recognized by Discovery magazine (1994) as the most logical writing system in the world. And logical systems are the easiest to learn, because of the absence of many exceptions or irregular rules.

Hangul translates directly as single script. It reflects ancient efforts to harmonize all of the disparate scripts which were in existence in the middle ages. This represents a thoughtful approach to simplifying the language, and that is reflected in the relative ease of learning Korean.

Some learn how to speak Korean language because there is a test which is required for foreigners who wish to live and work in South Korea. Some learn for travel and vacation purposes. The common theme is that most people who begin to learn how to speak Korean are pleasantly surprised at how less difficult it is than they first imagined.

Easy or not, the right approach is of paramount importance, so here are some learn how to speak Korean language tips:

1: Practice daily for an hour: An hour a day of daily practice is more than enough to get you conversational in about eight weeks assuming you are using a well structured course as your guide.

2: Expose yourself to complete spoken sentences from the outset: A challenge in learning any language is that sentence structure is different to sentence structure for English. If you don't pay attention to sentence structure then you will not approach spoken Korean as a Korean speaker would, and this will lengthen the learning curve and perhaps even cause you to give up prematurely.

3: Tailor your initial vocabulary: Only you know why you are learning Korean, so tailor the initial vocabulary to words appropriate for your earliest conversations.

4: Watch Korean language movies with English subtitles: This goes back to the exposure to real conversations and sentences. It is also a great way of naturally expanding your vocabulary and getting familiar with pronunciation at the same time.

5: Choose a course which gives you immersion in Korean: You need a good course to successfully learn how to speak Korean language fast. That is why an online course is usually the best choice. Characteristics of a great course include lots of audio modules which give you access to conversational Korean and complete sentences immediately, modules which help with verbs and vocabulary, and a structure which allows you and encourages you to practice for an hour a day. For more info visit best way to learn korean.

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