Is This Article On Conspiracies, Part Of A Conspiracy?

The idea is presented cogently and backed by mountains of evidence. Like so many theories, it is neat, plausible, but nonetheless wrong. Yeah... yeah... yeah. Click here to learn more about Activism.

The reason this subject is so important is that we exist in a world awash with endless conspiracy theories. Kennedy, the origin of the AIDS virus, our supposed faked moon landing, the death of almost anybody famous (Lennon, Princess Di, John Kennedy Jr., Elvis etc. )#), the government being involved in inner city drug conspiracies and on and on it goes.

But some might inquire, what difference does it make if people believe in cloyingly, clever canards? We dwell in a world where fairy tales and fictions are already the norm. According to articles I've read, 70% believe that there was a vast conspiracy to kill JFK, 80% believe in the existence of UFO's, and some 95% believe in supernatural beings such as ghosts, gods, devils, angels, poltergeists and/or presumably werewolves.

In effect, whatever is, isn't, in the world of conspiracies. Everybody saw JFK die so you can't say he's alive, so they go for the next best thing, massive conspiracy. McCartney, who's really alive is dead, and Elvis, who's really dead is alive. Whatever is, isn't. Whatever reality you don't like, you've got a handy eraser on the end of your pencil-like head to take care of it.

So what difference does it make? I would maintain that one of the reasons the world is in the jolly shape it's in is that we have liberal amounts of the population believing in and, more significantly, acting upon, things that are simply not true. (Killing infidels, bombing towers, wars, fighting for "holy" lands etc. )#) When we believe in fairy tales we keep ourselves children. We lose our individual strength and begin looking to other things outside of ourselves for strength and guidance. For more info visit Secret Societies.

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