How to Prevent Prescription Drug Errors

Doctors and physicians have the education and experience to write prescriptions for common drugs to help patients recover from illness, reduce pain, and help treat injuries. Unfortunately, prescription errors may occur and the effects can range from mild discomfort to severe illness or injury to the patient. Some instances of prescription drug errors have even resulted in the death of the patient, and many of those cases were the direct result of missed allergic information or improper prescriptions. Click here to learn more about Georgia Personal Injury Lawyer for Prescription Drug Error.

Although the average patient is usually not qualified or experienced enough to write medical prescriptions, there are a few things individuals can do to ensure they receive the proper treatment. Proper education, communication, and double-checking received information may help avoid tragic errors in your medical care.

Steps to Take to Avoid Errors

o Always be forthcoming with your doctor about any previous medical treatments, allergies, and medicines you are currently taking. This information may be essential in ensuring your prescription does not include harmful ingredients.

o Clarify instructions if you are unsure of the doctor's orders. Many patient injuries are the result of over-dosage or other misuse of prescription drugs.

o Ask your doctor any questions you may have about possible side-effects and alternate medicines if you are uncomfortable with the prescription being given.

o Get a second-opinion if you are unsure if the plan of action is going to be effective for you.

o Make sure that the prescription given to you by your physician is legible for the pharmacist. Doctors are notorious for handing over scribbled prescriptions, but any error in spelling or readability may spell disaster at the pharmacy.

o Make sure your pharmacist is comfortable with the prescription assigned and make sure he or she contacts the doctor directly if there are any questions or uncertainties with the type of medicine, instructions, or amount of medicine ordered. For more about Georgia Prescription Drug Error Attorney.

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