What is in a Baby Name?

What exactly is in a name? My spouce and i named our son Fynn... obviously WE like the name. We have gotten all kinds of responses when we tell people his name. Everything from 'cool! ', 'I like it! ' to 'oh... ' or a blank stare, really all I can do is laugh. Me, a girl who grew up being called 'Maria' again and again, 'MarLa, that's an L" was a common phrase I uttered... and still do. (However, many times I have been told that I look like a 'Marla' hmm, points to ponder. Click here for more information about tiling contractors.

So just why you ask did we do this to our son... we like the name, its cute like him. I know that his name won't be programmed into anything (like the puppy he got for Christmas, Scout. Fynn's name song is simply the spelling with some beeboppy music), we will have to order pencils regarding his name, magnets when we travel somewhere, I know because that is what happened to me.

Many may be wondering if we watcher a certain show, no actually we do not. A few weeks after Fynn came to be, the TV was on and this show been playing. My ear twitched when i heard one character being called 'Fynn'. I quickly called to my hubby and we were both surprised, (especially since a second name we liked, Quinn was another character for a passing fancy show). Quite honestly I liked Finnely, my husband however preferred the shortened version since he would be called that most of the time any ways... I gave this to him... pick your battles, I thought.

So does a name really have any bearing on who you turn out to be? The name Tyler for instance means 'tile maker, tile layer'. Mia 'uncertain, often bitter' Samantha, 'listener'. I understand that this is the origin of these names, OK that is cool. If you seriously think that these meanings will be what the child will be like, why any kind of Mia's in the world? Such a cute name, but if every single Mia is going to be uncertain, or nasty, why would you do that to your child? Every Aiden will have a short mood?... Aiden, 'fiery one'. David, 'beloved' well, I believe that we are all loved. For more info visit tilers.

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