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1 . You have to give them credit. Every TV talking head on every approach keeping a right face while showing the most recent Osama Rubbish bin Laden movie. What a breakthrough! Where may he strike next?

If anyone still thinks the government version of anything at all, here's something to consider. The video freezes every time "Bin Laden" talks about current occasions. There is also a different background room firmness, as if area of the movie was recorded within a larger space.

I remember one of the earlier video clips, discredited by a German TV station, which presented another Arabic translation from the a single we were given.

From a fake, dyed beard to documented proof of his death, I would tend to doubt anything at all this video pictured. Bin Stuffed is deceased. He's an ended terrorist. He is dead! Don't listen to him anymore. This individual was a CIA creation from the beginning.

2 . New Zogby poll shows show 51 percent of People in america believe Bush and Cheney orchestrated 9/11. Maybe the overwhelming evidence of controlled demolitions - and a lot more -- has something to do with it. Or possibly we've just seen too many video versions of Boogeyman Rubbish bin Laden. If we live long enough, maybe we'll have a government truthful enough to carry out a legitimate investigation. It will be nice to see the genuine perpetrators pay the price. Fantasy on.

3. The General Petraeus display got off the ground on Monday, September 10. Having a blizzard of flow charts reminiscent of Ross Perot (Hey Ross, where are you now that we want you? )#) the good General, as expected, delivered his white house propaganda progress report showing the magic surge to be an unqualified success. Surprise, surprise.

Almost made you need to call your local travel agency to publication your next vacation at the Anbar Holiday Inn. Free led tours of desecrated historic sites and vandalized, unfilled museums, no extra charge. Just ignore all those people in the streets. They're just some of the 4 million asylum seekers we've liberated using their homes. They love Americans. These people really do. For more info check out Uncensored breaking news.

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