Helpful Hints to Bring Your Garden to Life

1) Lawn care normally revives our lawns. Every spring I hire a roller with spikes, and aerate the lawn (this can be achieved by digging in with a garden fork). I actually purchase a lawn fertiliser, and spread it everywhere. I cut back any trees that are stopping sunlight, from shining onto the lawn. I actually mow the lawn to a healthy height of about 2 1/2 cm. And, every single year, we are guaranteed of a stunning, lush, green grass. Follow the link for more information about Rattan furniture.

2) Herb gardens not only bring the gardens to living, but they but they help people to live a healthy living. We have had an assortment of herb backyards over the years. At the moment we have little pots in the garden with herbs growing in them. The most important thing for me, apart from nurturing them, is ensuring that these are labelled. In this way we instantly have access to a selection of herbs just for cooking, healing and beauty products. Twice per year I actually sew seeds just for herbs we don't have.

3) Seeds, seedlings, bulbs and cuttings bring daily life into the garden. I love to consider packets of seeds, and sew them at random. I usually plant clumps of bulbs, in winter. Whenever someone is ready to part with a cutting, I as well these as well. Not everything grows, but it is always a surprise plus a joy, when plants and flowers pop-up for us.

4) Chickens bring life to our backyards. We made a little bird feeder, and water dropper away from waste, and every couple of days we all fill up the bird feeder with seeds, and top up the water. These appeal to an array of the most amazing, brilliantly colored birds, that bring us such joy with their harmonious singing.

5) Children bring living, and the more they actually outside, the much healthier on their behalf. It is great to have an section of sand, where they can enjoy boules, hopscotch and various ball games. A trampoline is so much fun and such great exercise too. There is nothing like trees for children to climb in. A place for them to swim, will bring hours pleasure, and laughter.

6) The sound of water soothes our souls. If you are fortunate enough to live by the sea, or even a river you will be blessed, with all the ongoing sounds of nature. If not, a water feature is an excellent option. I love the sound of rain, and there is nothing more relaxing, than lying in bed during a thunder tornado. Not only is rain the most amazing sound, but it guarantees people a living garden.

7) Water is essential for our backyards, in the right quantities of course. I have a timer on my irrigation system, which helps to ensure that the garden is always watered. On hot summer days, our plant life often cry out for more water, and it is so relaxing to endure using a hosepipe, and water the plant life. This is the simplest way to ensure that we have a dose of Vitamin d, every day.

8) Animals love people unconditionally, and every garden should have a pet. We have always had dogs, and the odd cat or rabbit. They have an energy that is so heartwarming. For more info go to Rattan Furniture UK.

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