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The beauty and warmth of granite helps it be an ideal countertop material for aesthetic and practical purposes in most any kitchen. In addition to its natural strength, granite is a very beautiful stone that adds color and warmth to a room. Although granite countertops are quite popular, a house owner may not want to spend the premium price meant for granite, or may live in a place subject to limitations on resale values. In cases like this, low cost granite countertops are an attractive option. Go here to learn more about Ottawa Backsplashes.

Granite is relatively expensive, with prices starting in $60 a square foot. The majority of the cost is not in the stone itself, but in the quarrying, transportation, polishing and installation. Typically homeowners will contribute labor on improvements to reduce costs, but installing granite countertops ought to be left to the professionals. However , a big marketplace with numerous suppliers and substantial discounts produces a price range that allows anyone to have granite countertops in their home.

Granite suppliers will typically have three or four groupings of granite to choose from. The suppliers will refer to their groupings or "tiers" by numbers. The first tier will include the premium products that sell for the highest price. A stone is grouped based on several criteria, including country of source, color, veins or patterns, thickness of the slab, amount of soft minerals in the stone, and fashion trends. Granite from lower tiers has the same beauty and electric as the slabs in the upper groupings. Additionally , stones within a lower tier could be harder than some rocks in a first tier, so it pays to get out and look around.

While granite through the lower tiers exhibits the hardness granite is known meant for, the presence of softer minerals may require additional cabinet supports or perhaps an infiltrating sealant. Thinner cut stone may be a little less than two centimeters rather than recommended three; if you are, the installer can provide additional stability by laminating it to plywood backing. Discount granite suppliers will typically deal with a thinner cut stone, and lots of suppliers today carry stones that are intentionally cut thin and laminated at the quarry.

Another option would be having granite tile countertops. Tiles are fashioned through the same appealing stone as solid granite countertops. All elements of the granite remain the same, with exception to the size of the granite slabs. Granite tiles, while needing special care, can be installed (with the appropriate tools and preparation) with a house owner.

Granite tiles are laid in the same manner as ceramic tile, with consideration for the additional thickness of the stone. All of the countertops in the kitchen can be covered in tile, or a few large tiles can be inlaid to other countertop surfaces such as Formica. Strategically placed twenty-four " granite tiles inlaid near the range or oven allow for searing incredibly hot pans to be placed on an otherwise delicate countertop. A thirty-six inch granite tile set into the counter workshop serves as an excellent surface meant for rolling dough and working with confectionery. For more info visit Ottawa Granite Countertops.

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