Natural Cancer Cure With Cesium Therapy

Cesium Therapy, also called cesium high pH therapy, for treating Cancer was discovered in the 1971s. Scientific research that led to this breakthrough discovery goes back to the 1930s. The main element to this protocol is usually alkalizing the tumour environment with the use of cesium. It could be the simplest natural Cancer cure identified. Follow the link for more information about Cesium therapy.

The purpose of this article is to provide a scientist's suggestions of cesium high pH therapy just for treating Cancer, as a different perspective for helping you decide whether or not to use this protocol. However , the data here is not a how-to just for using it on your own. There is no single protocol for everyone, considering that different cancer, Cancer stages, and personal treatment histories vary widely from person to the next. Your best strategy is to decide on whether going to utilize this protocol, then get treatment advice from a medical professional (see below).

History Of Cesium Therapy

The history of cesium therapy as a natural Cancer cure is well known and widely available on the internet. Key researchers have published their explanations and results on why it works and how well it works in scientific settings. As of this writing, a Google search comes back 845, 000 page hits on cesium therapy and 19, 300 page hits on cesium high pH therapy. The vast majority of these pages just do it again each other, so that you do not have to look at very many of them to get a good historical perspective.

The first proponent of cesium high pH therapy was A. Keith Brewer, who learned that Cancer cells have a high affinity just for cesium. Cancer cell membranes readily absorb cesium, which is one of the most alkaline of the precious metals. The consequence of taking in cesium, therefore , is to radically raise the pH (alkalinity) of the Cancer cell to 8. 0 or above, leading to the death of the Cancer cell within hours or days.

Raising the pH of Cancer cells is crucial in light of the discovery by Otto Warburg in the 1930s that Cancer cells thrive in acidic conditions. Warburg also pointed out the relationships among acidity, the metabolism of sugar, and the reduction of oxygen in Cancer cells. Many of these elements change in alkaline conditions, to the detriment of Cancer cell metabolism.

Scientific Analysis

The earliest and most prolific medical professional to perform research on cesium therapy had been Dr. H. E. Sartori. His first study began in 1981 with 50 terminal Cancer patients, 47 of whom had already exhausted all of the mainstream treatments just before undergoing cesium therapy. Basically, their particular condition was considered to end up being unattainable.

Dr . Sartori's simple protocol for the majority of patients contained 2 to 3 grams of cesium chloride orally, 3 times daily, as well as specific supplements and dietary adjustments.

One of the most remarkable immediate result of cesium therapy was that pain disappeared in every patients within 1 to several days. Conventional therapy often entails the use of morphine to treat pain in terminal Cancer patients. In fact , morphine may be the only drug applied to Cancer patients after standard treatments happen to be fatigued, just to keep your patient comfortable until passing away.

Regarding longer term effects of cesium therapy, half Sartori's authentic 50 patients were still surviving 3 years afterwards. Of those who did not survive, 13 had died within 2 weeks of the beginning of the study. It was just past too far just for cesium therapy to be of use to this group. Nevertheless, autopsies still revealed a reduction in tumour mass in every 13 sufferers. One other patient died from a terrible accident after being released from the hospital. An autopsy revealed that her hipbone had been consumed by Cancer, leading to a fatal fall at home. At the time of passing away she had very small amounts of Cancer still outstanding.

Conventional therapy fails miserably when the initial tumor spreads to other sites. The failure rate is more than 95 percent. Cesium Therapy rescued 25 of 50 Cancer patients from specific death. Who knows how many could have lived had treatment with cesium begun just before modern medicine gave up on them?

The flaws in this particular study are too numerous to include in this short article. Conventional Cancer researchers can certainly pick it apart. The study was not designed medically. At best, I would call it a series of case studies, not necessarily an experiment. Case studies are the medical equivalent of testimonials with medical data. They have value despite not offering statistically significant results. For more info go to laetrile.

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